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Cognitive Development in Jean Piaget's Work and its Implications for Teachers

  title={Cognitive Development in Jean Piaget's Work and its Implications for Teachers},
  author={Muhammad Farooq Joubish and Muhammad Ashraf Khurram},
This paper reviewed definitions for four concepts related to the central concept of sociability (social cognition, social competence, social skills and social behavior). Cognitive psychologists have begun to address how motivational factors influence adults' performance on cognitive tasks. However, little researched has examined how different motivational factors interact with one another to affect behavior across the life span. Jean Piaget (1896-1980) was a biologist who originally studied… 

Piaget’s pre-operational stage in children : a comparative study

Each stage of Piaget’s Cognitive development process has its own distinctive origin and its own form of final resolution. All the stages are thus related to one another, the structure of each being a

How is Piaget's Theory Used to Test The Cognitive Readiness of Early Childhood in School?

This study aims to examine Piaget’s cognitive theory of early childhood readiness to enter elementary school. The method used is quantitative descriptive, using samples of early childhood selected


Objectives: The objective of the paper is to compare piagets theory of learning with vygotsky’s socio cultural learning theory. Both theories are the most contributors for the emergence of

Abstract Thinking of Practicum Students at Najran University in Light of Piaget's Theory and Its Relation to Their Academic Level

The present study aimed to identify the stage of thinking of practicum students at Najran University in light of Piaget's theory and its relationship to their academic achievement in the scientific

Construction of Students' Mathematical Knowledge in the Zone of Proximal Development and Zone of Potential Construction

This article highlights the main ideas that underlie the differences in potential pragmatic knowledge constructs students experience when solving problems, between the zone of proximal development

Interactive Soft Toys for Infants and Toddlers - Design Recommendations for Age-appropriate Play

Recommendations concern what types of interactions to implement, inviting full-body activity and exploration with all senses, what kind of effects to generate, and the importance of allowing for shared experience.

Development of HOTS Test Instruments as an Effort to Improve the Reasoning Ability of Elementary School Students by Using Edugames

This study aims to develop test questions based on high order thinking skills (HOTS) to optimize the level of geometric thinking of elementary school students by using Edugames regarding the subject of area and circumference of a plane figure.

Logical thinking skills of prospective elementary school teachers

A teacher should present a lesson concept well, not just only using it to solve a question on exams. However, the teacher should make their students understand all of the concepts. This thing should

Effect of Group Work in Addressing the Misconceptions of Light

The findings confirm that the group work is effective in addressing the misconceptions of light comparing to traditional method of teaching and learning.

Influence of Educational Level and Gender on Students’ Verbal Ability

  • Rita Eka IzzatyF. Setiawati
  • Education
    Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Education Social Sciences and Humanities (ICESSHum 2019)
  • 2019
This study aims to assess whether there is a difference in verbal ability by the educational level and gender of students. The educational level consists of Junior High School (JHS), Senior High



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