Cognitive Bias and Irrational Beliefs in Major Depression and Dysphoria

  title={Cognitive Bias and Irrational Beliefs in Major Depression and Dysphoria},
  author={Jennifer Fine McDermut and David A. F. Haaga and Laura A. Bilek},
  journal={Cognitive Therapy and Research},
Cognitive theories claim that depression is associated with irrational beliefs (Ellis, 1987) or biased inferential processes (Beck, 1987). Depressed (n = 24), dysphoric (n = 21), and nondepressed (n = 34) adults completed self-reports of hopelessness, optimism, positive and negative affect, and irrational beliefs. In an interview they gave an attribution, and a justification of the attribution, for each of six recent events. Consistent with Beck's theory and Cook and Peterson's (1986) data… CONTINUE READING
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