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Coffee in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea: The Early Years?

  title={Coffee in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea: The Early Years?},
  author={S. Macwilliam},
dpa.bellschool.anu.edu.au In approximately 80 years, the amount of coffee grown, processed and marketed for export annually in Papua New Guinea (PNG), nearly all of it from the Highlands region1 , has increased from negligible to between 44,000 and 89,000 tonnes (Coffee Industry Corporation 2017). While this still represents only around one per cent of total global output, which is dominated by Brazil and Vietnam, the crop’s significance for the country’s political economy is considerable… 
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dpa.bellschool.anu.edu.au independence in 1975, entrapment has intensified for a substantial proportion of the country’s people. About 400,000 smallholder households, or about 80 per cent, of


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