Coffee aroma--statistical analysis of compositional data.

  title={Coffee aroma--statistical analysis of compositional data.},
  author={Martina Korhoňov{\'a} and Karel Hron and D Klimc{\'i}kov{\'a} and Leif Arne M{\"u}ller and Petr Bedn{\'a}ř and Petr Bart{\'a}k},
  volume={80 2},
Solid-phase microextraction in headspace mode coupled with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry was applied to the determination of volatile compounds in 30 commercially available coffee samples. In order to differentiate and characterize Arabica and Robusta coffee, six major volatile compounds (acetic acid, 2-methylpyrazine, furfural, 2-furfuryl alcohol, 2,6-dimethylpyrazine, 5-methylfurfural) were chosen as the most relevant markers. Cluster analysis and principal component analysis (PCA… CONTINUE READING
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