Coexposure to toluene and p-xylene in man: uptake and elimination.

  title={Coexposure to toluene and p-xylene in man: uptake and elimination.},
  author={Mika Wall{\'e}n and S{\"o}ren Holm and M B Nordqvist},
  journal={British journal of industrial medicine},
  volume={42 2},
Eight male subjects were experimentally exposed to toluene, p-xylene, and a combination of toluene and p-xylene in order to study the influence of coexposure and exposure to different levels of each solvent on their uptake and elimination. The exposures were performed for four hours at exposure levels equivalent to or lower than the Swedish threshold limit value for toluene, 300 mg/m3 (3.2 mmol/m3). During and after the exposure, solvent concentrations were measured in blood and in expired air… CONTINUE READING