Coexisting lobular neoplasia and carcinoma of the breast.

  title={Coexisting lobular neoplasia and carcinoma of the breast.},
  author={Cushman D. Haagensen and Nathan Lane and Carol A. Bodian},
  volume={51 8},
In a review of 3040 cases of carcinoma of the breast of all types in the files of the Laboratory of Surgical Pathology at Columbia for the years 1960 to 1980, 267 cases were found in which the lobular neoplasia lesion coexisted with one of the usual forms of breast carcinoma. These patients had a separate and distinct, and of course malignant, clinicopathologic entity which is distinguished from benign lobular neoplasia occurring alone. Comparing these findings in lobular neoplasia coexisting… CONTINUE READING