Coexistence of metallic and nonmetallic properties in the pyrochlore Lu2Rh2O7

  title={Coexistence of metallic and nonmetallic properties in the pyrochlore Lu2Rh2O7},
  author={Alannah M Hallas and Arzoo Z. Sharma and Cole Mauws and Qiang Chen and Haidong Zhou and Cui Ding and Zizhou Gong and Makoto Tachibana and P M Sarte and John Paul Attfield and Graeme M Luke and Christopher R Wiebe},
  journal={npj Quantum Materials},
Transition metal oxides of the 4d and 5d block have recently become the targets of materials discovery, largely due to their strong spin–orbit coupling that can generate exotic magnetic and electronic states. Here, we report the high-pressure synthesis of Lu2Rh2O7, a new cubic pyrochlore oxide based on 4d5 Rh4+, and characterizations via thermodynamic, electrical transport, and muon spin relaxation measurements. Magnetic susceptibility measurements reveal a large temperature-independent Pauli… 
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