[Coexistence of asthma and certain symptoms of atopic dermatitis].


The frequency of basic and minor features of atopic dermatitis were compared between 86 patients with coexistent asthma, and 269 without asthma. The coexistence of asthma caused a statistically significantly more frequent presence of one of the basic features: personal or family history of atopy and five minor features. The latter included: early age of onset, recurrent conjunctivitis, tendency toward cutaneous infections, elevated serum IgE and keratosis pilaris.

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@article{Rudzki1992CoexistenceOA, title={[Coexistence of asthma and certain symptoms of atopic dermatitis].}, author={Edward Rudzki and Zbigniew Samochocki and Paweł Rebandel and E Saciuk}, journal={Pneumonologia i alergologia polska}, year={1992}, volume={60 3-4}, pages={38-41} }