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Coercive Persuasion and Attitude Change

  title={Coercive Persuasion and Attitude Change},
  author={R. Ofshe},
Coercive persuasion and thought reform are alternate names for programs of social influence capable of producing substantial behavior and attitude change through the use of coercive tactics, persuasion, and/or interpersonal and group-based influence manipulations (Schein 1961; Lifton 1961). Such programs have also been labeled "brainwashing" (Hunter 1951), a term more often used in the media than in scientific literature. However identified, these programs are distinguishable from other… Expand
Cognitive Abuse within the Incestuous Family as a Factor in the Development of Dissociative Identity Disorder
Using sociocognitive conceptualizations and describing the iatrogenic intrafamilial processes that led to the “choice” of dissociation as a strategy for coping with a traumatic reality, this paper suggests a new way of understanding the developmental pathway of dissociative identity disorder. Expand
The impact of marketization on the communication of Chinese academicians: a genre analytical perspective
ABSTRACT Although the profound impact of marketization in academic world has been extensively studied, analytical attention is substantially concentrated on the organizational operation ofExpand
Attitudes towards road safety and aberrant behaviour of drivers in Pakistan
The aberrant behaviour of drivers is regarded as the most significant contributory factor in road traffic accidents in Pakistan. This research is founded on the premise that personal attitudes areExpand