Coercive Disobedience: Art and Simulated Transgression

  title={Coercive Disobedience: Art and Simulated Transgression},
  author={Monica Steinberg},
  journal={Art Journal},
  pages={78 - 99}
Abstract Coercive disobedience is a targeted mode of protest; it goads retribution, dialogically exposing laws and policies in a manner that is potentially damaging to the interests of dominant elites. While previous discussions of coercive disobedience are limited to political science, law, and philosophy, I propose a consideration of such modes of dissent within an art context. Under consideration are experiments in simulated transgression realized by Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovico, as… 
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I offer a conceptual framework for assessing the normative legitimacy of coercive disobedience—involving threats, disruption, force, and deceit—by social movements. A standard liberal view is that

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It is still an open question whether or not Civil Disobedience (CD) has to be completely nonviolent. According to Rawls, “any interference with the civil liberties of others tend to obscure the

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claimed a necessary connection to the national state. The transformations afoot today raise questions about this proposition in so far as they significantly alter those conditions which in the past

[Simulacra and Simulation].

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A model for electronic election schemes that involves a more powerful adversary than previous work that allows the adversary to demand of coerced voters that they vote in a particular manner, abstain from voting, or even disclose their secret keys.

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