Coeliac disease associated with Sjögren's syndrome, renal tubular acidosis, primary biliary cirrhosis and autoimmune hyperthyroidism.


Although coeliac disease may occur in patients affected by another immune-mediated disorder, its coexistence with multiple autoimmune diseases is not frequently described. We report here the case of a 45-year-old woman referred to our centre because of diarrhoea and weight loss, who had already received a diagnosis of primary biliary cirrhosis, Sjögren's syndrome and renal tubular acidosis. Following the development of diarrhoea we established the diagnosis of coeliac disease, based on the presence of anti-endomysium antibodies and a compatible duodenal biopsy. Despite gluten withdrawal she went on to develop an autoimmune hyperthyroidism. The patient tested positive for HLA DRB1*03 and DQB1*02. The association is unlikely to be casual and may be explained by autoimmune mechanisms, genetic susceptibility and favouring environmental factors commonly shared by the diseases of our patient.

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