Coeliac disease

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[An update on the pathogenesis of celiac disease].

This is the only autoimmune disease whose precipitating factor for immunological tissue damage is known and it is clear that genetic, environmental and immunological factors play a role.

Management of celiac disease in daily clinical practice.

Celiac disease: from pathogenesis to novel therapies.

Based on the advanced understanding of the pathogenesis of celiac disease, targeted nondietary therapies have been devised, and some are already in phase 1 or 2 clinical trials.

Coeliac disease

Celiac disease among children and adolescents.

  • M. Mearin
  • Medicine
    Current problems in pediatric and adolescent health care
  • 2007

Celiac disease: epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and nutritional management.

Therapy of CD is a lifelong gluten-free diet and Counseling by an expert dietitian and association with a celiac support group are important in helping the patient embark on a healthy gluten- free diet.

Anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies and their role in the investigation of coeliac disease

This review examines the evidence for adopting IgA anti-tissue TGA as the first-line diagnostic test for CD and recommends a laboratory algorithm for the use and interpretation of TGA to enable the clinical laboratory to play a full part in detecting and monitoring a disorder that is eminently treatable once the diagnosis has been considered and confirmed.

Integration of genetic and immunological insights into a model of celiac disease pathogenesis.

Comparison of genetic pathways as well as genetic susceptibility loci between CD and other autoimmune and inflammatory disorders reveals that CD bears stronger resemblance to T cell-mediated organ-specific autoimmune than to inflammatory diseases.

Association of Crohn’s disease and latent celiac disease: a case report and review of the literature

The first report on the association of Crohn’s disease and the latent form of celiac disease in the same patient is reported, in which a 52-year-old man presenting with long-term diarrhea and loss of weight associated with Crohn's disease was diagnosed.