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Coding and Decoding Schemes for MSE and Image Transmission

  title={Coding and Decoding Schemes for MSE and Image Transmission},
  author={Marcelo Firer and Luciano Panek and Jerry Anderson Pinheiro},
In this work we explore possibilities for coding and decoding tailor-made for mean squared error evaluation of error in contexts such as image transmission. To do so, we introduce a loss function that expresses the overall performance of a coding and decoding scheme for discrete channels and that exchanges the usual goal of minimizing the error probability to that of minimizing the expected loss. In this environment we explore the possibilities of using ordered decoders to create a message-wise… Expand


Unequal Error Protection: An Information-Theoretic Perspective
It is shown that, feedback results in a significant improvement in both bit-wise and message-wise UEPs (except the single message case for missed detection). Expand
Optimal Ultrasmall Block-Codes for Binary Discrete Memoryless Channels
Optimal block-codes with a small number of codewords with a minimum average error probability are investigated for the binary asymmetric channel, including the two special cases of the binary symmetric channel (BSC) and the Z-channel (ZC), both with arbitrary cross-over probabilities. Expand
Canonical-Systematic Form of Hierarchical Codes
In this work we present a canonical-systematic form of a code when considering in the ambient space F n a metric determined by a hierarchical poset, showing that up to a linear isometry of theExpand
Matched Metrics and Channels
Channel and metrics for which maximum likelihood decoding coincides with nearest neighbor decoding with respect to the Hamming metric on the binary symmetric channel are studied. Expand
Classification of Niederreiter–Rosenbloom–Tsfasman Block Codes
This paper develops much of the classical theory of error correcting codes for Niederreiter-Rosenbloom-Tsfasman block codes, including determination of packing radius and classification of MDS and perfect codes, determination of covering radius and characterization of quasi-perfect codes, and the description of an algorithm for syndrome decoding. Expand
Codes with a poset metric
This paper extends some of Niederreiter's bounds and also obtain bounds for posets which are the product of two chains, called poset-codes, in the more general setting of a partially ordered set. Expand
however (for it was the literal soul of the life of the Redeemer, John xv. io), is the peculiar token of fellowship with the Redeemer. That love to God (what is meant here is not God’s love to men)Expand
A classification of posets admitting the MacWilliams identity
It is proved that being a hierarchical poset is a necessary and sufficient condition for a poset to admit the MacWilliams identity, and the Mac Williams identities for poset weight enumerators corresponding to such posets are derived. Expand
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  • 2014
Moser -Optimal Ultrasmall Block-Codes for Binary Discrete Memoryless Channels
  • IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
  • 2013