Codes Over Gaussian Integers

  title={Codes Over Gaussian Integers},
  author={K. Huber},
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  • K. Huber
  • Published 1993
  • Proceedings. IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory
Gaussian integers are those complex numbers which have integers as real and imaginary parts (for Gaussian integers see e.g. [2], pp.182-187). Primes of the form p s 1 mod 4 can be written in exactly one way as s,um of two squares. Hence such primes p are the product of tw3 conjugate complex Gaussian integers: p = a2+b2 = x.x* where s = a+i.b and * denotes complex conjugation x' = a i . b. Let [.] denote rounding to the closest integer and define rounding of a complex number by [ z t iy] = [z… Expand
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