Coded Decimal Number Systems for Digital Computers

  title={Coded Decimal Number Systems for Digital Computers},
  author={Garland S. White},
  journal={Proceedings of the IRE},
In this paper, basic properties of coded decimal number systems are presented, extending the discussion of "Synthesis of Electronic Computing and Control Circuits." From the very large numbers of possible ways of coding the ten decimal digits into sets of binary elements, a restricted group of number systems is presented as being particularly adaptable for representing the decimal digits in digital computers. As an example, one number system of this group is presented which permits the… 

Number Systems and Codes

  • S. Shiva
  • Computer Science
    Introduction to Logic Design
  • 2018
The present chapter is intended to acquaint the reader with the fundamental concepts involved in dealing with number systems other than decimal, in particular the binary system.

Improved Design of High-Performance Parallel Decimal Multipliers

The proposed architectures of two parallel decimal multipliers have interesting area-delay figures compared to conventional Booth radix-4 and radix--8 parallel binary multipliers and outperform the figures of previous alternatives for decimal multiplication.

High-performance decimal floating point units

A new method for sum error checking applied to BCD addition/subtraction is proposed, which presents a reduced hardware complexity when compared with other solutions used in current microprocessors.

Number Systems and Number Representations

The familiar decimal system is by no means the only possible number system, and since the decimal system has no unique merits, the designer of a computer is free to select that number system which suits his purpose best.

The Evolution of Computing Machines and Systems

The development of digital computing machines is described and illustrated, from the mechanical devices of the seventeenth century to the electronic systems of today, in three chronological sets of

Negative-Bit-Weight Codes and Excess Codes

  • B. Lippel
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Trans. Electron. Comput.
  • 1964

A Decimal Code for Analog-to-Digital Conversion

  • B. Lippel
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  • 1955