Code Switching and Mixed Language Genesis in Tiwi

  title={Code Switching and Mixed Language Genesis in Tiwi},
  author={Justin Spence},
  • J. Spence
  • Published 12 February 2012
  • Linguistics
Data from the transcript of a public meeting are used to examine patterns of code switching in Tiwi, a head-marking polysynthetic language of northern Australia where an N-V mixed language has emerged among younger speakers (Lee 1987, McConvell 2008). McConvell’s theory predicts that code switching behavior should reflect the same center of gravity principles as found in the  resulting mixed language. In particular, a head-marking language like Tiwi should most commonly provide the verbal part… 
Bilingual speech in Jaru–Kriol conversations: Codeswitching, codemixing, and grammatical fusion
  • Josua Dahmen
  • Linguistics
    International Journal of Bilingualism
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