Code Nation: Personal Computing and the Learn to Program Movement in America

  title={Code Nation: Personal Computing and the Learn to Program Movement in America},
  author={Michael J. Halvorson},
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Investigating Creative and Critical Engagement with Computing in the Hour of Code (Practical Report)
This paper examines the creative and critical content of 316 Hour of Code activities offered to middle school and high school students as part of the official 2020 Computer Science Education Week and provides recommendations for designing for more critical and creative engagement with computing in future Hour of Codes.
Dynamics of gender bias in computing
  • T. Misa
  • Computer Science
    Commun. ACM
  • 2021
A new dataset significantly revises both scholarly assessment and popular understanding about gender bias in computing.
Decoding the Cauzin Softstrip: a case study in extracting information from old media
A digital Softstrip reader is created, making Softstrip data accessible without needing a physical reader, and the decoding strategy is able to decode over 91% of the 1229 Softstrip corpus; this rises to 99% if the authors only consider Softstrip images produced under controlled conditions.
Learning to Write Programs using Think-Pair-Share Programming Strategy: What are the Students’ Perceptions and Experiences?
The need to learn programming to solve many complex problems facing humankind necessitated this study. The purpose of the study was to collect information about students’ perceptions and experiences