Cochylis Treitschke in China: one new species and five new records (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae, Cochylini)

  title={Cochylis Treitschke in China: one new species and five new records (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae, Cochylini)},
  author={Yinghui Sun and Houhun Li},
  pages={85 - 96}
Abstract Six species of Cochylis Treitschke, 1829 are recorded for China. Among them, Cochylis triangula sp. n. is described as new; Cochylis atricapitana (Stephens, 1852), Cochylis discerta Razowski, 1970, Cochylis dubitana (Hübner, [1799]), Cochylis faustana (Kennel, 1919) and Cochylis posterana hyrcana (Toll, 1948) are recorded for the first time for China. The female of Cochylis discerta Razowski, 1970 is described for the first time. Adults and genitaliaare illustrated, a key is given for… 


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