Cocaine-sensitive O-methylation of noradrenaline in dental pulp of the rabbit: Comparison with the rabbit ear artery

  title={Cocaine-sensitive O-methylation of noradrenaline in dental pulp of the rabbit: Comparison with the rabbit ear artery},
  author={D. A. Parker and I. S. Lande and C. Proctor and V. Marino and N. X. Lam and I. Parker},
  journal={Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology},
SummaryIncisor pulp from the rabbit metabolises exogenous noradrenaline in concentrations between 0.12 and 1.2 μmol/l mainly to NMN.Effects of chronic sympathetic denervation indicated that in incisor pulp the NMN is extraneuronal in origin, and that DOPEG and DOMA formation, as well as a major part of the noradrenaline which accumulates in the tissue, are associated with the sympathetic nerves.NMN formation was unaffected by hydrocortisone 210 μmol/l, but was strongly inhibited by cocaine 30… Expand
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Uptake of 3H-catecholamines by rat liver cells occurs mainly through a system which is distinct from uptake1 or uptake2
Vascular uptake of catecholamines in perfused lungs of the rat occurs by the same process as Uptake1 in noradrenergic neurones


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