Cocaine affects progesterone plasma levels in female rats.

  title={Cocaine affects progesterone plasma levels in female rats.},
  author={Vanya Qui{\~n}ones-Jenab and Linda I. Perrotti and A. -S. Ho and Shirzad Jenab and Stefan D. Schlussman and Johan Franck and Mary Jeanne Kreek},
  journal={Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior},
  volume={66 2},
Female Fischer rats injected with cocaine in a "binge" pattern (15 mg/kg, IP, three times a day, at 1-h intervals) for 1 day had significantly higher levels of progesterone than saline-treated controls (p < 0.001). When analyzed by the stage of the estrous cycle, animals in proestrus showed significantly higher cocaine-induced progesterone plasma levels than those in other stages of the cycle (p < 0.01). Progesterone plasma levels were also increased after a single dose of cocaine (15 mg/kg… CONTINUE READING


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