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Cocaine : The History and Regulation of a Dangerous Drug

  title={Cocaine : The History and Regulation of a Dangerous Drug},
  author={Gerald T. McLaughlin},
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Cocaine as a Teratogen

Cocaine use by pregnant women has a variety of effects on the embryo and fetus [5], ranging from various gastro-intestinal and cardiac defects to tissue death from insufficient blood supply. Thus,

Theorizing the role of the ‘war on drugs’ in US punishment

Numerous scholars have described how the ‘war on drugs’ has played a central role in US penal change, especially its racialized impact. Yet there remain aspects of this ‘war’ that are under-explored

The Use of Coca: Prehistory, History, and Ethnography

The diverse roles that coca played among the Inca and other indigenous peoples led to the early adoption of coca in the West and, in turn, to the resultant discovery of cocaine and its assorted early applications, particularly for medicinal purposes.

The syndrome of coca paste.

Understanding controlled illicit drug use : a study of cocaine use in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra

This thesis examines the issue of controlled illicit drug use with specific focus upon one drug, cocaine, and its use in present day Australia. In adopting the controlled drug use perspective, with

Illicit Cocaine Use in Clinical Perspective

The historical evolution of coca and cocaine use is traced and contemporary clinical aspects of recreational cocaine use are reviewed, including the "champagne of drugs".

Historical perspective--the long and colorful history of Erythoxylon coca.

  • A. Nicholi
  • Economics
    Journal of American college health : J of ACH
  • 1984
Abstract The rate of increase in the use of cocaine among college students has been greater even than the increase in the use of marijuana during the past ten years. Nationwide surveys indicate that

Death caused by recreational cocaine use.

The data suggest that the rate of absorption, the peak blood concentration, and the prior use of cocaine all contribute to the possibility of a fatal reaction, and despite current belief, cocaine cannot be considered a safe recreational drug.


The Uniform Controlled Substances Act has recently been adopted in many states

  • 1971