[Coaxil treatment of primary headaches comorbid with depression].


Twenty patients with headaches and concomitant mild depression (the Beck scale mean score 13,6), aged 20-62 years (mean 40,3), illness duration 0,5-40 years, (mean 17,7), attack frequency 3-30 days, (mean 13,4), have been studied. Coaxil was prescribed in dosage of 12,5 mg daily during 6 weeks. Neurological examination and clinical evaluation using a number of scales, along with patients self-rating, was conducted. Twenty one patients have completed the treatment course. Coaxil therapy resulted in significant decrease of frequency and severity of headache attacks and improvement of the patient's general state.

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@article{Vorobeva2005CoaxilTO, title={[Coaxil treatment of primary headaches comorbid with depression].}, author={Olga V Vorob'eva and O A Shavlovskaia}, journal={Zhurnal nevrologii i psikhiatrii imeni S.S. Korsakova}, year={2005}, volume={105 1}, pages={56-60} }