Coatomer (COPI)-coated vesicles: role in intracellular transport and protein sorting.

  title={Coatomer (COPI)-coated vesicles: role in intracellular transport and protein sorting.},
  author={Pierre Cosson and François Letourneur},
  journal={Current opinion in cell biology},
  volume={9 4},
Coatomer-coated vesicles have been proposed to play a role in many distinct steps of intracellular transport. Coatomer potentially plays a role in forward transport from the endoplasmic reticulum to the Golgi apparatus and through the Golgi apparatus. It may also function in retrograde transport and in the endocytic pathway. There are limitations to the various approaches used to study the role of coatomer, and looking at these helps us to better define the questions that remain to be answered. 

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