Coating system for high temperature stainless steel

  title={Coating system for high temperature stainless steel},
  author={康斯坦丁K·察左夫 and 格瑞·安东尼·费希尔 and 罗伯特·普雷斯科特 and 陈焱 and 郑航 and 钦尼亚·古文德·苏布拉马尼亚恩 and 安德鲁·乔治·维西克尔斯 and 胡安·曼纽尔·门德斯·阿塞维多 and 亚历山大S·戈罗杰茨基 and 爱德华·约翰·雷德蒙},
A method of protecting steel and stainless steel, especially high-temperature stainless steel during the high temperature corrosion environments, such as reducing the production of ethylene by hydrocarbon pyrolysis or oxide ores, the method is not coking and corrosion. It is achieved by applying a layer on a steel or MCrAlXT MCrAlX coating, wherein M represents a nickel, cobalt, iron or mixtures thereof, X stands for yttrium, hafnium, zirconium, lanthanum, scandium, or mixtures thereof, T… CONTINUE READING