Coastal wetlands and the Neanderthal settlement of Portuguese Estremadura

  title={Coastal wetlands and the Neanderthal settlement of Portuguese Estremadura},
  author={Jonathan Adams Haws and Michael M. Benedetti and Caroline L. Funk and Nuno Bicho and J. Michael Daniels and Patrick A. Hesp and Thomas A. Minckley and Steven L Forman and Marjeta Jeraj and Juan Francisco Gibaja Bao and Bryan Hockett},
Coastal wetlands are ecotone settings that offer diverse sets of resources for human exploitation, yet evidence for Pleistocene occupation rarely preserves due to recent postglacial sea-level rise. During an ongoing geoarchaeological survey of Portuguese Estremadura we identified uplifted Pleistocene sediments that record coastal features including raised beaches, tidal channels, muds, peat, and coastal dunes. Stratified concentrations of Middle Paleolithic artifacts were found at Mira Nascente… CONTINUE READING