Coastal oceanography sets the pace of rocky intertidal community dynamics.

  title={Coastal oceanography sets the pace of rocky intertidal community dynamics.},
  author={Bruce A Menge and Jane Lubchenco and Matthew E. S. Bracken and Francis K.-M. Chan and Melissa M Foley and Tess L. Freidenburg and Steven D Gaines and Gregory Hudson and C Krenz and Harry Leslie and Duncan N L Menge and Rosalind L Russell and Michael S Webster},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
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The structure of ecological communities reflects a tension among forces that alter populations. Marine ecologists previously emphasized control by locally operating forces (predation, competition, and disturbance), but newer studies suggest that inputs from large-scale oceanographically modulated subsidies (nutrients, particulates, and propagules) can strongly influence community structure and dynamics. On New Zealand rocky shores, the magnitude of such subsidies differs profoundly between… CONTINUE READING