Coastal Dune Vegetation of South Korea

  title={Coastal Dune Vegetation of South Korea},
  author={Jeom-Sook Lee and B. Ihm and Du-Sung Cho and Jongwook Kim},
  journal={Journal of Ecology and Environment},
We used the Braun-Blanquet method to study coastal dune vegetation of South Korea. Coastal vegetation was monitored in thirty sites from April 2004 to September 2005. Seventeen plant communities were classified into five groups as follows: A. Two associations of herbaceous sand dune plants in Salsoletea komarovii Ohba, Miyawaki et Tx. 1973 (Calystegia soldanella community, Lathyrus japonicus-Calystegia soldanella community), B. Twelve associations of herbaceous perennial sand dune plants in… Expand