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Coalescence of Impurity Strontium Atoms in Lightly-Substituted Samples of Lanthanum Cuprate

  title={Coalescence of Impurity Strontium Atoms in Lightly-Substituted Samples of Lanthanum Cuprate},
  author={E. Yu. Beliayev and Dianela Osorio and Pedro L. Contreras E.},
: By comparing experimental results obtained in the study of the electron transport and magnetic properties of samples of lightly strontium-substituted lanthanum cuprates and the results of a previously published numerical analysis in the reduced elastic scattering space (RPS) of the elastic scattering cross-section, we construct a phenomenological classical self-consistent strong-binding energy density profile in the superconducting La 2-x Sr x CuO 4 cuprate. It is found that the imaginary… 

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