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Coal Mine Safety Monitoring and Alerting System

  title={Coal Mine Safety Monitoring and Alerting System},
  author={Sayali Deokar and Jaya S. Wakode},
Today, safety of miners is a major challenge. Miner’s health and life is vulnerable to several critical issues, which includes not only the working environment, but also the after effect of it. To increase the productivity and reduce the cost of mining along with consideration of the safety of workers, an innovative approach is required. Coal mine safety monitoring system based on wireless sensor network can timely and accurately reflect dynamic situation of staff in the underground regions to… 
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Safety Monitoring System in Coal Mine Using IoT
The key abstract is to use IoT to incorporate a coal mine safety monitoring system. The extraction of coal from the field is known as coal mining. Coal is used as a fuel in the steel and cement
Design Of Iot Based Coal Mine Safety System Using Nodemcu
In this paper, a coal mine safety system is implemented using a Thinger Io platform as a medium to transmit the data. The system is implemented to monitor and control various parameters in the coal
Data Acquisition Using IoT to Monitor Coal Mining Environment
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Coal is one of the most important non-renewable resource which contributes to majority of power production and used in many industries. The study here presents an innovative, efficient method needed
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In recent years there are lot of life risk occurs to skilled labors in coal mines which requires an advancement in coal mining safety system. In order to improve this current scenario, An IOT based
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Mines are the world's most dangerous place to work because in the mines, explosion often happens and thousand people are dying. And a recent report states that in such mine accidents an average
Arduino Based Smart Helmet for Coal Mine Safety
From the start of human’s need for energy coal mining has gained enormous importance and also hatred for the less protection for the miners. Explosions in mines are generally because of the
A helmet which is working on three parameters, which consists of two main sensors which are used to detect carbon monoxide and temperature inside the coal mine, and the GPS module which is used to locate the position of the worker in the coal mines.
A helmet to give safety to life of workers against the accidents taking place in the coal mines is designed, mainly working on three parameters which consists of two main sensors used to detect carbon monoxide and temperature.
UMAP and LSTM based fire status and explosibility prediction for sealed-off area in underground coal mine
Abstract A uniform manifold approximation and projection (UMAP) and long short-term memory (LSTM) deep learning model have been proposed to forecast a sealed-off area's fire status in underground


Automatic monitoring system for coal mine safety based on wireless sensor network
The environment of mine exploitation is special and dangerous, how to real-time monitor and collect information on the various nodes, how to master the location of miner and the environment at any
Mine Safety System Using Wireless Sensor Network
The design and construction of a mine safety system prototype using a wireless sensor network with the objective of building a safety system to monitor the ambient characteristics of the mining environment and gas and dust sensors met the specification.
Design of surveillance and safety system for underground coal mines based on low power WSN
This paper presents a low power, cost-effective, and ZigBee protocol based wireless sensor network that provides an intelligent surveillance and safety system for underground coal mines. The system
Wireless Mobile Monitoring System for Tram Rail Transport in Underground Coal Mine Based on WMN
The characteristics of WMN are described, a wireless mobile monitoring system for tram rail transport in underground coal mines based on WMN is proposed and the key problem of rapid rate decline over multi-hop in wireless backbone network is solved.
A wireless surveillance and safety system for mine workers based on Zigbee
A module of MEMS based sensors are used for underground environment monitoring and automating progression of measurement data through digital wireless communication technique is proposed with high accuracy, smooth control and reliability.
Productivity, Safety, and Regulation in Underground Coal Mining: Evidence from Disasters and Fatalities
Underground coal mining is a dangerous industry where the regulatory state may impose tradeoffs between productivity and safety. We recover the marginal tradeoffs using disasters near a mine as
Intelligent Information Processing of WSN Based on Vague Sets Theory and Applied in Control of Coal Mine Monitoring
In the real-time demonstration of coal mine monitoring, the analysis indicate that this method may optimize the node scale and make node automatic gain and transmit effective minimum information, and realize the energy efficiency optimization.
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