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Coal Mine Monitoring Using ARM7 and ZigBee

  title={Coal Mine Monitoring Using ARM7 and ZigBee},
  author={Vaibhav R. Pandit and U. A. Rane},
This paper presents design and development of underground coal mine monitoring using ARM7 and ZigBee. A sensor node is developed for sensing different environmental parameters of underground mine. The sensor node has feature of wireless communication using ZigBee transreceiver. Thus, sensor node can be deployed in different parts of mine using efficient topologies. All sensed data is digitized by internal ADCs of LPC2148 microcontroller which gives low power platform with fast execution. The… Expand
Using Zigbee Integrated Alerting and Coal Mine Safety Monitoring System
The coal mine safety system replaces traditional coal mine safety which is wired system. This monitoring system for coal mines based on ZIGBEE wireless sensor network. Because of this there isExpand
Wireless Communication and Environment Monitoring in Underground Coal Mines – Review
Need of real-time implementation of proper system inside regulated and hazardous mining environment is evaluated and suitability of application of recently developed wireless sensor network for this purpose is pointed out. Expand
An Efficient Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network for Performing Rescue & Safety Operation in Underground Coal Mines
In this monitoring system for wireless communication, ZigBee is utilized, the structuring of the underground coal mine monitoring system based on the ZigBee wireless sensor network evacuates the traditional underground coalMine monitoring system. Expand
LabVIEW based coal mine monitoring and alert system with data acquisition
A research work deals with design and development of a LabVIEW and micro-controller based coal mine monitoring system using wireless technologies like ZigBee and GSM(Global System for Mobile Communication). Expand
Design and Implementation of Coal Mine Physiological Parameters Monitoring Protocol
Modernization in the industries also concerns with the safety of workers especially for underground mining’s. This paper mainly deals with surveillance and safety measures for mine workers, which isExpand
Development of underground mine monitoring and communication system integrated ZigBee and GIS
Abstract An automated underground mine monitoring and communication system based on the integration of new technologies is introduced to promote safety and health, operational management andExpand
FPGA based real-time underground mine environment monitoring and warning system
  • H. M. Singh, L. S. Singh
  • Computer Science
  • 2017 2nd IEEE International Conference on Recent Trends in Electronics, Information & Communication Technology (RTEICT)
  • 2017
The system design of a real-time underground mine environment monitoring and warning system using FPGA that detects the presence of harmful and toxic gases like Methane (CH4) and Carbon monoxide (CO) and generates a proper warning. Expand
Authentication protocol for wireless sensor networks applications like safety monitoring in coal mines
An authentication protocol to overcome the security issues in WSNs by authenticating the users (professionals) and the mechanical sensors by using the BAN (Burrows-Abadi-Needham) logic to ensure the mutual authentication and session key agreement properties. Expand
Internet of Things assisted radio frequency identification based mine safety management platform
  • Xionghui Xie, Rongping Lin, +4 authors Thanjai Vadivel
  • Computer Science
  • Comput. Intell.
  • 2021
The adaptive heuristic mathematical model based on IoT and RFID real‐time monitoring systems has been proposed for the production of mine safety and analysis and helps solve serviceability, accessibility, flexibility, and interoperability problems in coal mines. Expand
Now-a-days the accidents in the coal mine industries have increased. Even if any explosion occurs it can’t be easily known to the labourers and it may cause accidents. So in order to avoid this, aExpand


The research on ZigBee-based Mine Safety Monitoring System
  • Ge Bin, Huizong Li
  • Engineering
  • 2011 International Conference on Electric Information and Control Engineering
  • 2011
In this paper the research method of Mine Safety Monitoring System based on ZigBee is elaborated, and the hardware design of ZigBee sensor node and system software design are discussed. TheExpand
Intelligent building fire warning system with WSN
Abstract—Fires disasters in a higher frequency often cause huge casualties and property damages. There are many problems in the existing wired fire alarm system, such as long construction period,Expand
Based on OMAP Platform to Build the Distribution System Network of Relay Protection Devices in Coal Power
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Fiber Laser Methane Sensor and its Application in Coal Mine Safety
Abstract Using the technology of tuneable diode laser absorption spectroscopy and the technology of micro-electronics, a fiber laser methane sensor based on C8051F410 is given. We use the DFB LaserExpand
Development of a New Mining Intrinsically Safe DC Electrical Prospecting Apparatus
Abstract The DC electrical prospecting apparatus plays an important role in the prevention of water disasters in coal, but most of traditional instruments of this kind for mining use 51 series MCU asExpand
Pre-evaluation method of coal mine safety based on continental distance model with varying weight
Abstract At present, the methods of coal mine safety pre-evaluation are Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, gray cluster analysis, matter-element analysis, BP artificial neural network, and so on.Expand
ISMSSE-Review of Early Warning System of Mine Safety in China
Abstract Mine safety factors are more complex than that of the other sectors, and the accident probability is far higher than other industries. In this paper, various methods and main principles ofExpand
Prediction Study on Gas Emission of The First Face in the 11-2 Coal Seam in Liuzhuang Coal Mine
Abstract According to the geological exploration about gas information in Liuzhuang Coal Mine, the gas pressure during well construction parameters, and the actual gas emission from tailgate andExpand
Application and Development of Modern Safety Management System in Metallic and Non-Metallic Mine
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Coal Mine Safety Comprehensive Evaluation Based on Extension Theory
Abstract This paper indicates that Extenics theory can be used to solve the problem of mine safety. The method includes 4 steps: building the evaluation indexes system and matter-element model,Expand