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Coaching the person in the context of complexity & uncertainty by Brigid Russell

  title={Coaching the person in the context of complexity \& uncertainty by Brigid Russell},


Executive coaching in practice: what determines helpfulness for clients of coaching?
– Executive coaching is gaining in popularity, both as part of personal or organisational development programmes and as a tailored form of individual consulting. The purpose of this study is to
Journeys towards the professionalisation of coaching: dilemmas, dialogues and decisions along the global pathway
Abstract The term ‘profession’ derives from the Latin word ‘profiteor’ meaning to profess. Professionalisation is the process whereby a gainful activity moves from the status of ‘occupation’ to the
‘ That magic ingredient ’ , Coaching at Work , Volume 6 , Issue 1
  • 2011
Critical Moments of Clients and Coaches: A Direct-Comparison Study
Purpose: In this study descriptions of critical moments of coaching as experienced by both executive coaches and their clients are analysed and compared, to find out more about what works in coaching
‘ Coach maturity : an emerging concept
  • International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching
  • 2010
What is' Coaching'? An Exploration of Conflicting Paradigms.
This paper sets out the argument that quite fundamental issues, both theoretical and practical, divide the various approaches to coaching. It does not suggest that any one approach is better or
Lost and Found – solution - focused coaching ’ , Coaching at Work
  • 2007
A personal perspective on professional coaching and the development of coaching psychology
Coaching psychology can be understood as being the systematic application of behavioural science to the enhancement of life experience, work performance and well-being for individuals, groups and