Coaching Experience, Playing Experience and Coaching Tenure

  title={Coaching Experience, Playing Experience and Coaching Tenure},
  author={Danny R. Mielke},
  journal={International Journal of Sports Science \& Coaching},
  pages={105 - 108}
  • Danny R. Mielke
  • Published 1 June 2007
  • Education
  • International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching

Delivering culture change in elite sport performance teams: A first exploration

The efficient and effective management-led implementation of change is often required for successful performance across a host of organisational domains (By, 2005; du Gay & Vikkelso, 2012; Sorge &

Change Management: The Case of the Elite Sport Performance Team

The effective and efficient implementation of change is often required for both successful performance and management survival across a host of contemporary domains. However, although of major

Understanding the ‘fast-track’ transition between elite athlete and high-performance coach in men’s association football and rugby union: a grounded theory

It is commonplace for many high-performance coaches to be former elite athletes in the same sports they coach (Christensen, 2013; Mielke, 2007; Werthner & Trudel, 2009). In many cases, such

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The holistic ecological approach puts an emphasis on the environment in which prospective elite athletes develop. Applying the holistic ecological approach, this article examines talent development

From Center Stage to the Sidelines: What Role Might Previous Athletic Experience Play in Coach Development?

Traditionally, playing experience in sport has been used as a springboard into the coaching profession. Specifically, playing experience has been discussed in research as facilitating the transition

Does Experience Matter? Salary Dispersion, Coaching, and Team Performance

Using Major League Soccer as a unique dataset, this study examines the direct and indirect role of coaches' experience in determining team performance. Inspired by labor market studies, we applied

Going from athlete-to-coach in Norwegian winter sports: understanding the transition journey

Abstract Hiring retired athletes as coaches is a common practice that reinforces athletic experience as an important element of coaching, yet the coaching profession is complex, requiring specialized

Psychological contract, job satisfaction, commitment, and turnover intention: Exploring the moderating role of psychological contract breach in National Collegiate Athletic Association coaches

This study examined the relationship between psychological contract and three work attitudes, job satisfaction, affective commitment, and turnover intention in a sample of National Collegiate



The Effect of Mid-Season Coach Turnover on Team Performance: The Case of the National Hockey League (1989–2003)

This study investigated the effects of 15 mid-season coaching turnovers on team performance in the National Hockey League (NHL) from 1989 to 2003. Team performance was tracked for one full season

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    The Effect of Mid-Season Turnover on Team Performance: The Case of the National Hockey League

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