CoSe2-Decorated NbSe2 Nanosheets Fabricated via Cation Exchange for Li Storage.

  title={CoSe2-Decorated NbSe2 Nanosheets Fabricated via Cation Exchange for Li Storage.},
  author={Jianli Zhang and Chengfeng Du and J. L. Zhao and Hao Ren and Qinghua Liang and Yun Zheng and Srinivasan Madhavi and Xin Wang and Junwu Zhu and Qingyu Alex Yan},
  journal={ACS applied materials & interfaces},
  volume={10 44},
Though 2D transition metal dichalcogenides have attracted a lot of attention in energy-storage applications, the applications of NbSe2 for Li storage are still limited by the unsatisfactory theoretical capacity and uncontrollable synthetic approaches. Herein, a controllable oil-phase synthetic route for preparation of NbSe2 nanoflowers consisted of nanosheets with a thickness of ∼10 nm is presented. Significantly, a part of NbSe2 can be further replaced by orthorhombic CoSe2 nanoparticles via a… CONTINUE READING

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