Co-immunoprecipitation of Hsp101 with cytosolic Hsc70.

  title={Co-immunoprecipitation of Hsp101 with cytosolic Hsc70.},
  author={Chun Guang Zhang and Charles L. Guy},
  journal={Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB},
  volume={43 1},
In animals and yeast, cytosolic Hsp70s function in concert with other molecular chaperones. Hsp70 is a major chaperone in the Hsp90 multi-chaperone complexes that participate in maturation of steroid receptors and several other proteins. Hsp70s also appear to form a complex with Hsp90 and Hsp110/sHsp. A 100 kDa protein was co-immunoprecipitated with cytosolic Hsc70 from maize seedlings (Zea mays). The presence of this complex was further confirmed using gel-filtration chromatography. Mass… CONTINUE READING


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