[Co-existence of myoma uteri and pregnancy].


OBJECTIVE Myomas of uterus are the most common mild tumours of uterus. There is often observed the rapid increase of them during the pregnancy and then they could caused complications from 0.3% to 2.6% of pregnancies. DESIGN The aim of study was the general valuation of the course and delivery means of the pregnancies coexisted with myoma uteri. MATERIALS AND METHODS We have analysed 11 pregnancies, which we observed during hospitalisation of pregnant women at 2nd Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Medical University of Gdańsk. RESULTS We observed pain in abdomen during pregnancy in 63.6% of analysed group. The 6 (54.5%) pregnant women were pharmacologically treated against symptoms of miscarriages and preterm labors. We investigated in the connection of the complicated pregnancy at women with myomatous uterus. The results confirm the high risk of the pregnancy. Almost 82% of analysed group delivered at time. The frequency of caesarean sections in our study was about 36%, but 2 of them were performed because of myomas. CONCLUSION We made conclusion that pregnancy complicated by myomas had not significant increase in failure at the end. Myomatous uterus in pregnancy required to be quickly diagnosed and take care to prevent complications.

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