Co-delivery of methotrexate and nicotinamide by cerosomes for topical psoriasis treatment with enhanced efficacy.

  title={Co-delivery of methotrexate and nicotinamide by cerosomes for topical psoriasis treatment with enhanced efficacy.},
  author={Xiaoyuan Yang and Yujia Tang and Meng Wang and Yixuan Wang and Wenxiu Wang and Meilu Pang and Yue-hong Xu},
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Transdermal Delivery of Therapeutic Compounds With Nanotechnological Approaches in Psoriasis

This review aims to distinguish the benefits and weaknesses of individual nanostructures when applied as topical antipsoriatics in preclinical psoriatic models and proposes that a proper combination of distinctive nanomaterials according to the physicochemical properties of loaded drugs and clinical features of psoratic patients is becoming a promising option.

Exploration of and insights into advanced topical nanocarrier systems for the treatment of psoriasis

This study specifically describes the management of psoriasis using topical agents in conjunction with novel drug delivery systems and the characteristics, advantages, weaknesses, and mechanisms of individual nanocarriers, when applied as topical anti-psoriatic agents, were reviewed.

Co-Encapsulation of Drugs for Topical Application—A Review

This review aims to summarize the state of the art in research concerning nanocarriers and co-delivery strategies for topical agents’ applications targeting skin diseases and the appropriate form of administration for them.

Ethyl Cellulose and Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Blended Methotrexate-Loaded Transdermal Patches: In Vitro and Ex Vivo

It was concluded from the present study that methotrexate-loaded transdermal patches with EC and HPMC as polymers at different concentrations suit TDDSs ideally and improve patient compliance for the local management of psoriasis.

Formulation of Polymers-Based Methotrexate Patches and Investigation of the Effect of Various Penetration Enhancers: In Vitro, Ex Vivo and In Vivo Characterization

Results depicted that prepared methotrexate transdermal patches containing different blends of hydrophobic and hydrophilic polymers along with different penetration enhancers could be safely used for the management of psoriasis.

Advanced Vesicular Systems for Antifungal Drug Delivery

The current review focuses on various advanced vesicular carriers with high biocompatibility that can encapsulate the antifungal drugs owing to increase their efficacy and limit the undesirable side effects.

CCID_A_380218 2253..2274

  • 2022

The Anti-Psoriatic Efficacy and Safety Profile of Topical and Intralesional Methotrexate: A Literature Review

The overall safety profile of the topical forms of MTX was favourable and randomized controlled trials that establish the most effective MTX-delivery system are needed to improve the standard of care for patients with psoriasis.



Hyaluronic Acid Dissolving Microneedle Patch Loaded with Methotrexate for Improved Treatment of Psoriasis.

  • H. DuPei Liu J. Tao
  • Biology, Materials Science
    ACS applied materials & interfaces
  • 2019
It was found the MTX-loaded dissolving microneedle (MN) patch not only showed well-maintained inhibitory effect in vitro but also alleviated the psoriasis-like skin inflammation in mice and were significantly more efficacious than taking the same dose of drug orally.

Effects of topical methotrexate loaded gold nanoparticle in cutaneous inflammatory mouse model.

Anti-inflammatory activity of novel ammonium glycyrrhizinate/niosomes delivery system: human and murine models.

Microemulsions mediated effective delivery of methotrexate hydrogel: more than a tour de force in psoriasis therapeutics

Developed MEs-based hydrogel has shown promising results in achieving effective delivery of MTX and has shown its potential in locating the drug at the desired domain of stratum corneum, epidermal and dermal layers of skin and reducing systemic absorption.

Utilization of PEGylated cerosomes for effective topical delivery of fenticonazole nitrate: in-vitro characterization, statistical optimization, and in-vivo assessment

The overall findings of this study verified the effectiveness of utilizing PEGylated cerosomes to augment the activity of FTN as a topical antifungal agent.

Novel Therapies for Psoriasis

Three systemic medications currently are approved worldwide for the treatment of moderate to severe forms of psoriasis, namely cyclosporine, methotrexate and acitretin, and the need for more specific systemic therapy, targeting the T lymphocyte is now well known.

Methotrexate: a detailed review on drug delivery and clinical aspects

This review deals with the challenges and achievements of controlled release, multiparticulate, prodrug and drug conjugate systems of MTX.