Co-contraction in the hemiparetic forearm: quantitative EMG evaluation.

  title={Co-contraction in the hemiparetic forearm: quantitative EMG evaluation.},
  author={Margaret C Hammond and Sally Sizer Fitts and George Howard Kraft and P B Nutter and Martin J. Trotter and Lawrence D. Robinson},
  journal={Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation},
  volume={69 5},
Co-contraction of antagonist muscles is a recognized clinical phenomenon in patients surviving a cerebrovascular accident. Yet, discrepancies persist in the literature as to whether or not antagonist electromyographic activity is increased in hemiparesis. We have developed a technique to obtain simultaneous counts of motor unit activity in a wrist flexor and extensor muscle using monopolar needle electromyography. Stable stroke patients and age/sex matched control subjects were tested during… CONTINUE READING

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