Co-circulating mumps lineages at multiple geographic scales

  title={Co-circulating mumps lineages at multiple geographic scales},
  author={Shirlee Wohl and Hayden C Metsky and Stephen F. Schaffner and Anne Piantadosi and Meagan Burns and Joseph A Lewnard and Bridget Chak and Lydia A Krasilnikova and Katherine J Siddle and Christian B. Matranga and Bettina Bankamp and S. Thomas Hennigan and Brandon Sabina and Elizabeth H. Byrne and Rebecca J. McNall and Daniel J. Park and Soheyla D. Gharib and Susan Fitzgerald and Paul Barriera and Stephen B. Fleming and Susan M. Lett and Paul A Rota and Lawrence C. Madoff and Bronwyn Macinnis and Nathan Lawrence Yozwiak and Sandra C Smole and Yonatan H. Grad and Pardis C Sabeti},
Despite widespread vaccination, eleven thousand mumps cases were reported in the United States (US) in 2016-17, including hundreds in Massachusetts, primarily in college settings. We generated 203 whole genome mumps virus (MuV) sequences from Massachusetts and 15 other states to understand the dynamics of mumps spread locally and nationally, as well as to search for variants potentially related to vaccination. We observed multiple MuV lineages circulating within Massachusetts during 2016-17… CONTINUE READING


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