Co-benefits of Climate Change Mitigation

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Detecting and understanding co-benefits generated in tackling climate change and environmental degradation in China
China is facing the challenge of climate change and environmental protection in line with the promotion of sustainable development goals. Climate, environmental, and economic policy can each
Learning by Doing: Co-Benefits Drive National Plans for Climate and Air Quality Governance
What drives countries to realize more integrated policymaking? The co-benefits concept highlights the win–win situations that can arise if one policy measure addresses two or more policy goals, e.g.,
Building a Social Mandate for Climate Action: Lessons from COVID-19
It is suggested that deliberative engagement mechanisms, such as citizens’ assemblies and juries, could be a powerful way to build a social mandate for climate action post-COVID-19, which would enable behaviour changes to become more accepted, embedded and bearable in the long-term and provide the basis for future climate action.
Impacts of ecosystem vitality on ASEAN’s agricultural exports: A System Generalized Method of Moments approach
This study examined the impact of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)’s ecosystem vitality (EV) on its agricultural exports to the rest of the world. Using a sample of the six major
Lessons from co-impacts assessment under the Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios (MAPS) Programme
The MAPS Programme has been active in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru in supporting the development of an evidence base to inform the processes involved in climate mitigation policy-making. The


Co-benefits of greenhouse gas mitigation: a review and classification by type, mitigation sector, and geography
The perceived inability of climate change mitigation goals alone to mobilize sufficient climate change mitigation efforts has, among other factors, led to growing research on the co-benefits of
SD-Benefits in Future Market Mechanisms under the UNFCCC
Dieses Vorhaben untersucht fur das Umweltbundesamt die Moglichkeit, die Rolle von Nachhaltigkeitszielen in den zukunftigen Marktmechanismen unter der UNFCCC zu starken. Die Ergebnisse des Vorhabens
Contributions of open crop straw burning emissions to PM 2.5 concentrations in China
PM2.5 inventories have been developed in major Chinese cities to quantify the contributions from various sources based on annual emissions. This approach, however, could substantially underestimate
Implications of climate change mitigation for sustainable development
Evaluating the trade-offs between the risks related to climate change, climate change mitigation as well as co-benefits requires an integrated scenarios approach to sustainable development. We
A life cycle co-benefits assessment of wind power in China
Climate change 2014 - Mitigation of climate change
The talk with present the key results of the IPCC Working Group III 5th assessment report. Concluding four years of intense scientific collaboration by hundreds of authors from around the world, the
CAPTURING THE MULTIPLE BENEFITS OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY IEA Roundtable on Industrial Productivity & Competitiveness Impact
Session 1. Indicators and methodologies for quantifying multiple benefits of industrial energy efficiency projects. This session will cover on-the-ground experiences of assessing potential and actual
Measuring the Co-Benefits of Climate Change Mitigation
The article first clarifies the confusion in the literature about related terms and makes a proposal for a more consistent terminological framework, then emphasizes the importance of working in a multiple-objective–multiple-impact framework.