Co-assembly of polycystin-1 and -2 produces unique cation-permeable currents

  title={Co-assembly of polycystin-1 and -2 produces unique cation-permeable currents},
  author={Kazushige Hanaoka and Feng Qian and Alessandra Boletta and Anil Kumar Bhunia and Klaus B. Piontek and Leonidas Tsiokas and Vikas P Sukhatme and William B Guggino and Gregory G Germino},
The human kidney is composed of roughly 1.2-million renal tubules that must maintain their tubular structure to function properly. In autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) cysts develop from renal tubules and enlarge independently, in a process that ultimately causes renal failure in 50% of affected individuals. Mutations in either PKD1 or… CONTINUE READING