Co-Phased 360-Degree Profilometry of Discontinuous Solids with 2-Projectors and 1-Camera

  title={Co-Phased 360-Degree Profilometry of Discontinuous Solids with 2-Projectors and 1-Camera},
  author={Manuel Servin and Guillermo Garnica and J. Mois{\'e}s Padilla},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Detectors},
Here we describe a co-phased 360-degree fringe-projection profilometer which uses 2-projectors and 1-camera and can digitize discontinuous solids with diffuse light surface. This is called co-phased because the two phase demodulated analytic-signals from each projection are added coherently. This 360-degree co-phased profilometer solves the self-generated shadows cast by the object discontinuities due to the angle between the camera and the single white-light fringe projector in standard… Expand
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