Co-FAIS: Cooperative fuzzy artificial immune system for detecting intrusion in wireless sensor networks

  title={Co-FAIS: Cooperative fuzzy artificial immune system for detecting intrusion in wireless sensor networks},
  author={Shahaboddin Shamshirband and Nor Badrul Anuar and Miss Laiha Mat Kiah and Vala Ali Rohani and Dalibor Petkovi{\'c} and Sanjay Misra and Abdul Nasir Khan},
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Fuzzy Based Advanced Hybrid Intrusion Detection System to Detect Malicious Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks
In this paper, an Advanced Hybrid Intrusion Detection System (AHIDS) that automatically detects the WSNs attacks is proposed. AHIDS makes use of cluster-based architecture with enhanced LEACH
Fuzzy Logic Based Intrusion Detection Scheme against DoS Attack in MANET
A fuzzy based intrusion detection system has been proposed to mitigate such situation and reduce the loss of throughput in the response of this specific kind of DoS attack.
Whale Neuro-fuzzy System for Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Network
A hybrid intrusion detection system (IDS) that depends on neuro-fuzzy system (NFS) strategy is proposed which identifies the WSN attacks and the proposed WNFS is created by including the properties of the whale optimization algorithm (WOA) with the neuro-Fuzzy architecture.
An intelligent intrusion detection system for secure wireless communication using IPSO and negative selection classifier
A new intelligent classification model for anomaly detection which detects the intruders effectively in cloud networks using a combination of an enhanced incremental particle swarm optimization and negative selection algorithm is proposed.
Cooperative multi agents for intelligent intrusion detection and prevention systems / Shahaboddin Shamshirband
The significance of cooperative detection mechanism, for detecting distributed denial of service attacks in a timely and energy-efficient manner, accuracy of detection and defence, as well as false alarm rate is demonstrated.
A Genetic-Based Extreme Gradient Boosting Model for Detecting Intrusions in Wireless Sensor Networks
A new model to detect intrusion attacks based on a genetic algorithm and an extreme gradient boosting (XGBoot) classifier, called GXGBoost model is proposed, designed for improving the performance of traditional models to detect minority classes of attacks in the highly imbalanced data traffic of wireless sensor networks.
An Adaptive Intrusion Detection Method for Wireless Sensor Networks
A knowledge based intrusion detection strategy (KBIDS) to detect multiple forms of attacks over different network structure and demonstrates that the detection accuracy and network structure adaptability of the proposed method outperforms the state-of-the-art intrusion detection methods for WSN.
An Intrusion Detection Model Based On Danger Theory for Wireless Sensor Networks
By the simulations in the MATLAB, the proposed intrusion detection model on the whole is better than the SNS model at the aspects including classification training, danger perception, false negative rate, false positive rate and energy consumption.
Network intrusion detection using a hybrid format based on fuzzy clustering
This paper identifies penetrate into the system using clustering, fuzzy rules and genetic algorithms methods to keep the system safe data mining and machine learning are considered.


Intrusion Detection System for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Danger Theory Immune-Inspired Techniques
An IDS framework inspired in the Human Immune System to be applied in the wireless sensor network context is proposed. It uses an improved decentralized and customized version of the Dendritic Cell
Fuzzy Logic-Based Decision Making for Detecting Distributed Node Exhaustion Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
A fuzzy logic-based approach towards achieving demarkation in the values of specific parameters of the detection scheme, so as to ascertain a reasonable tradeoff between attack detection and node energy utilization.
Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks: Issues, Challenges and Approaches
The survey work presents topics such as the architectural models used in the different approaches for intrusion detection, different intrusion detection techniques and highlights intrusion detection methods applicable for the different layers in sensor networks.
Host-based intrusion detection systems adapted from agent-based artificial immune systems
  • C. Ou
  • Computer Science
  • 2012
D-SCIDS: Distributed soft computing intrusion detection system