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Co-Evolving Intertwined Spirals

  title={Co-Evolving Intertwined Spirals},
  author={Hugues Juill{\'e} and J. Pollack},
  booktitle={Evolutionary Programming},
  • Hugues Juillé, J. Pollack
  • Published in Evolutionary Programming 1996
  • Computer Science
  • We recently solved the two spirals problem, a di cult neural network benchmark classi cation problem, using the genetic programming primitives set up by [Koza, 1992]. Instead of using absolute tness, we use a relative tness based on a competition for coverage of the data set. This is a form of co-evolutionary search because the tness function changes with the population. Because niches are opened by proportionate reproduction, rather than crowded out, and because of the crossover operator, we… CONTINUE READING
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