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Co-Distribution of Alpha-Actinin with a Capped Cell-Surface Glycolipid

  title={Co-Distribution of Alpha-Actinin with a Capped Cell-Surface Glycolipid},
  author={Stuart Kellie and Critchley and Bipin Patel and Eric J. Pierce},
  journal={Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility},
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Inhibitory ca2+-control of movement of beads coated withphysarum myosin along actin-cables inChara internodal cells
The movement of beads coated with scallop myosin, whose actin-activated ATPase activity is activated by Ca2+, was observed only in the perfusion solution containing Ca2%, indicating that myosIn is responsible for the inhibitory effect of Ca2+ onPhysarumMyosin movement.
Physarum Myosin Binds Ca2+: Results From Electrophoresis and Equilibrium Dialysis Experiments
The molecular mechanism of calcium-regulated cytoplasmic movements in the Plasmodium of Physarum polycephalum is studied to understand the state of polymerization and aggregation of the actin filaments.
Inhibitory Ca2+-Regulation of the Physarum Actomyosin System
Ca2+ is now accepted as the most fundamental regulator of intracellular processes in general. This crucial role was first recognized in the research on muscle contraction. The first event that could