Co-Culture of Plant Beneficial Microbes as Source of Bioactive Metabolites

  title={Co-Culture of Plant Beneficial Microbes as Source of Bioactive Metabolites},
  author={Francesco Vinale and Rosario Nicoletti and Francesca Borrelli and Alfonso Mangoni and Olga A. Parisi and Roberta Marra and Nadia Lombardi and Federica Lacatena and Laura Grauso and S. Finizio and Matteo Lorito and Sheridan Lois Woo},
  booktitle={Scientific Reports},
In microbial cultures the production of secondary metabolites is affected by experimental conditions, and the discovery of novel compounds is often prevented by the re-isolation of known metabolites. To limit this, it is possible to cultivate microorganisms by simulating naturally occurring interactions, where microbes co-exist in complex communities. In… CONTINUE READING
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