Co-Constructing Knowledge Spheres in the Academy: Developing Frameworks and Tools for Advancing Publicly Engaged Scholarship

  title={Co-Constructing Knowledge Spheres in the Academy: Developing Frameworks and Tools for Advancing Publicly Engaged Scholarship},
  author={Timothy Kenneth Eatman and Gaelle Ivory and John A. Saltmarsh and Michael K. Middleton and Amanda Barrett Wittman and Corey Dolgon},
  journal={Urban Education},
  pages={532 - 561}
Publicly engaged scholarship (PES) has emerged as a powerful force, yet institutional policies and cultures have often inhibited its acceptance in the academy. This article considers the benefits of PES for higher education as well as the obstacles to its enactment. It identifies the college level as a critical site for change and offers a rubric for institutional change agents to use to assess support for community engagement at the college level and identify avenues for further progress. The… 

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Critically Engaged Civic Learning: A Comprehensive Restructuring of Service-Learning Approaches

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  • Political Science
    Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning
  • 2021
This article contributes to a long- standing conversation about the implementation of service- learning by proposing an updated revision for the 21st century: critically engaged civic learning

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In this article, Mark R. Warren, Soojin Oh Park, and Mara Casey Tieken explore the training and development of community-engaged scholars in doctoral programs in education. Community-engaged scholars

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Despite significant institutional rhetoric about engaged scholarship,scant empirical research focuses on the activities that constitutepublicly engaged scholarship from the faculty perspective. This

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This article summarizes discussions held by 23 scholars from research universities in the USA, who are committed to civic and community engaged scholarship and working to advance this work on their

The Centrality of Engagement in Higher Education

The centrality of engagement is critical to the success of higher education in the future. Engagement is essential to most effec tively achieving the overall purpose of the university, which is


On March 24, 1998, a small group of faculty and administrators at the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) formed a learning community to engage in a deliberative dialogue about recognizing and

Democratic Engagement White Paper

Participants at a recent Wingspread conference on civic engagement in higher education (Brukardt et al. 2004)1 concluded that while the movement has created some change, it has also plateaued and