Clutter mapping for Histogram PMHT


The Histogram PMHT is a parametric track-before-detect method that has good detection performance and low computation complexity. However, the method assumes a known clutter distribution. This paper introduces a method for learning a non-uniform clutter map where the map is represented as a mixture of parameterised components. The modified Histogram PMHT is compared with the uniform clutter model using airborne imagery.

DOI: 10.1109/SSP.2014.6884598

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@article{Davey2014ClutterMF, title={Clutter mapping for Histogram PMHT}, author={Samuel J. Davey and Han X. Vu and Sanjeev Arulampalam and Fiona Fletcher and Cheng-Chew Lim}, journal={2014 IEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing (SSP)}, year={2014}, pages={153-156} }