Clustering of psychosocial symptoms in overweight children.

  title={Clustering of psychosocial symptoms in overweight children.},
  author={Lisa Y. Gibson and Susan M. Byrne and Eve M Blair and Elizabeth Ann Davis and Peter J Jacoby and Stephen R. Zubrick},
  journal={The Australian and New Zealand journal of psychiatry},
  volume={42 2},
OBJECTIVE The aims of the present study were to (i) examine the relationship between children's degree of adiposity and psychosocial functioning; and (ii) compare patterns of clustering of psychosocial measures between healthy weight and overweight/obese children. METHOD Cross-sectional data from a population-based cohort of 158 healthy weight, 77 overweight, and 27 obese children aged 8-13 years were analysed. Height, weight depression, quality of life, self-esteem, body dissatisfaction… CONTINUE READING
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