Clues and criteria for designing a Kitaev spin liquid revealed by thermal and spin excitations of the honeycomb iridate Na 2 IrO 3

  title={Clues and criteria for designing a Kitaev spin liquid revealed by thermal and spin excitations of the honeycomb iridate Na 2 IrO 3},
  author={Youhei Yamaji and Takafumi Suzuki and Takuto Yamada and Sei-ichiro Suga and Naoki Kawashima and Masatoshi Imada},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Contrary to the original expectation, ${\mathrm{Na}}_{2}{\mathrm{IrO}}_{3}$ is not a Kitaev's quantum spin liquid (QSL) but shows a zigzag-type antiferromagnetic order in experiments. Here, we propose experimental clues and criteria to measure how a material in hand is close to the Kitaev's QSL state. For this purpose, we systematically study thermal and spin excitations of a generalized Kitaev-Heisenberg model studied by Chaloupka et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 097204 (2013) and an effective ab… Expand
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Thermodynamic Evidence of Proximity to a Kitaev Spin Liquid in Ag_{3}LiIr_{2}O_{6}.
An enhanced spin-orbit coupling due to a mixing between silver d and oxygen p orbitals as a potential underlying mechanism is discussed and a closer proximity to the QSL in Ag_{3}LiIr{2}O_{6} compared to its parent compound α-Li_{2}IrO{3} that orders at 15 K. Expand
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arXiv : 1504 . 08037 . 20 S . Sugiura and A . Shimizu
  • Phys . Rev . B Phys . Rev . B
  • 2015