ClpV, a unique Hsp100/Clp member of pathogenic proteobacteria.

  title={ClpV, a unique Hsp100/Clp member of pathogenic proteobacteria.},
  author={Christian Schlieker and H. Zentgraf and Petra Dersch and Axel Mogk},
  journal={Biological chemistry},
  volume={386 11},
Hsp100/Clp proteins are key players in the protein quality control network of prokaryotic cells and function in the degradation and refolding of misfolded or aggregated proteins. Here we report the identification of a new class of Hsp100/Clp proteins, termed ClpV (virulent strain), that are present in bacteria interacting with eukaryotic cells, including human pathogens. The ClpV proteins are most similar to ClpB proteins within the Hsp100/Clp family, but cluster in a separate phylogenetic tree… CONTINUE READING

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